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Our ingredients are not chosen on their aesthetic merit – only formulas with ingredients that are truly beneficial to the skin are selected. We use minimal preservatives in our formulations, just enough to give our products a shelf life. We select many naturally derived ingredients for use in our formulations, and we are committed to utilizing only the most gentle and efficacious formulas for maximum benefit and results in all of our products.


Peptides and why we use them

Skin is made up mostly of collagen; it is the foundation that gives your skin its support and thickness. Young people have lots of collagen and taut, smooth skin. In contrast, older people have much less collagen and thin, wrinkled skin.

Collagen is protein and is made up long chains of amino acids strung together, like chains of linked building blocks. When it is broken down, short segments of 3-5 amino acids form, called peptides. Peptides are not just junk collagen; these ―mini proteins‖ are active molecules — and is the most exclusive ingredient found in top end skin creams.


1. Peptides Signal Your Skin to Make More Collagen

2. Neuropeptides Might Act Like Botox

3. Peptides Delivers Deeper into Your Skin

Confused as to what product you need? below is a list of questions we get asked everyday..and their answers! 


"We would classify your skin as aging, not aged..we would suggest collagen stimulators, night creams and a good cleansing routine, a consistent regimen is key."

Mieux Derma has a complete range of products available to people with sensitive skin, click here to see that range

DEFINATELY NOT! we continually contribute to non for profit animal organisations to help stop testing on innocent animals!   find out more here!

This is the sinlge most asked question we get! there is no one answer to this one, our products certainly help but you have to make sure you stay really well hydrated too! also try sleeping with your head a little more raised then normal..alot of people sleep to flat which encourages fluids to the face which gathers around the eyes.

click here to see our recommendations

Obviously a good sunscreen to prevent sunburn but apart from that we have a great range of products to offer intense and lasting hydration that can repair damaged skin cells. Bio Helix Active+ (use before sleep) C-beta Collagen Restore (Daily Moisture) Alpha beta cleanser (Cleanser)

Acne can be really troublesome and unfortunately there are few products on the market that can effectively treat, many products only mask the symptoms. Our collection of treatment actually targets the medical at the root cause..over productive sebaceous glands in the skin. 

Click here to see our range for your skin

We suggest our Enzymatic Facial Peel Gel followed by Illumi Bell Pigment Correction Gel, we have seen great results with this duo.

This is a question we hear alot, we will always point our clients to Peptide-6 and Vita-k Eye Reform, you will also need a good cleansing routine, we recommend using our Enzmatic Facial Peel on a tri weekly basis.


Use Mieux Derma and your skin health is redefined. We believe Innovation married with Education is the key to a beautiful complexion.

While the Mieux Derma story begins in 1983, the change in industry and innovative technologies that shaped our much loved collection of products began only 5 years ago.The skin care industry was a buzz with products that were harsh, heavily fragranced and colored, packaged in pretty bottles in a bid to win you over, and as victims of a lack of education and exposure to quality products we were fooled. This stemmed a drive to collaborate with dermatologists, micro biologist's and beauty experts to uncover innovative ingredients and methods that could be incorporated into skin care treatments.

The Difference

What we found is that times have changed, technologies, sciences and discoveries are abundant with opportunities to better this industry , and that’s exactly what we did.. We began looking at cellular reparation in natural organisms, whether it be floral in origin or peptides extracted from biological elements, we then looked at the body natural defenses against problematic skin and ageing factors..Selecting the appropriate actives and combining them with high quality, non greasy easily absorbed creams brought to life a range or true cosmeceuticals.

Come 2013 we are in Australia! After years of research, travel and discoveries..we are proud to release our full line up of products that are backed by skin care professionals around the globe.


Mieux Derma has maintained a fiercely independent approach to product research and development from the outset. Our team of skilled chemical scientists work out of our facility in Florida USA,  – conceptualising product ideas, researching blends, and creating prototypes.

We source our ingredients from the most reputable suppliers across the globe, then marry cutting-edge technology with long-established scientific practices and principles to craft formulations of exceptional quality.

We are a product-focused company and regularly launch new products for skin and body, in response to genuine needs expressed by our customers.



Here at Mieux Derma we've always been passionately against animal testing. We've never tested our products on animals. This means you can be sure that our products have not been tested on animals for cosmetic reasons.We comply with the very strict requirements of the Humane Cosmetics Standard. This standard was set by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) and is regarded as the highest standard for animal welfare in the cosmetics industry.They audit us regularly to ensure we comply. We also audit ourselves. Every two years we check our policies and compliances to ensure we're adhering to the latest animal-welfare guidelines.



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