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Confused as to what product you need? below is a list of questions we get asked everyday..and their answers! 


Confused as to what product you need? below is a list of questions we get asked everyday..and their answers! 


I have really sensitive skin, what products do you have that are suitable?

Mieux Derma has a complete range of products available to people with sensitive skin, click here to see that range

Are your products tested on animals?

DEFINATELY NOT! we continually contribute to non for profit animal organisations to help stop testing on innocent animals!   find out more here!

The skin around my eyes are ALWAYS dark and puffy..I'm sick of using so much make-up to cover it up!

This is the sinlge most asked question we get! there is no one answer to this one, our products certainly help but you have to make sure you stay really well hydrated too! also try sleeping with your head a little more raised then normal..alot of people sleep to flat which encourages fluids to the face which gathers around the eyes.

click here to see our recommendations

After suncare? I love sunbathing and I know it's bad so what can I use to compensate?

Obviously a good sunscreen to prevent sunburn but apart from that we have a great range of products to offer intense and lasting hydration that can repair damaged skin cells. Bio Helix Active+ (use before sleep) C-beta Collagen Restore (Daily Moisture) Alpha beta cleanser (Cleanser)

I have Acne prone skin and am looking for a treatment

Acne can be really troublesome and unfortunately there are few products on the market that can effectively treat, many products only mask the symptoms. Our collection of treatment actually targets the medical at the root cause..over productive sebaceous glands in the skin. 

Click here to see our range for your skin

I have quite bad pigmentation, can you recommend a plan of attack

We suggest our Enzymatic Facial Peel Gel followed by Illumi Bell Pigment Correction Gel, we have seen great results with this duo.

I was a heavy smoker for most of my life, I now have terrible lines over alot of my face

This is a question we hear alot, we will always point our clients to Peptide-6 and Vita-k Eye Reform, you will also need a good cleansing routine, we recommend using our Enzmatic Facial Peel on a tri weekly basis.

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