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What is LSA and why should I eat it?

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I have a lot of adoration for acronyms. I mean, I spend a lot of time watching AFL, and I occasionally slip into KFC when I’m not feeling too flash on a Sunday morning after a rather big night. But the latest abbreviation to shimmy its way into my life is this one: LSA.

Wait, LS what?

If you don’t know what LSA is, don’t stress. You’re about to find out exactly what it is, and why you should be adding this nutritional food to your diet today.

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DIY beauty tips

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There is nothing worse than jumping in the shower after a sweaty workout to discover that your housemate has finished all the shampoo. Or when you need to shave your legs and there is no shaving cream, moisturiser or soap in sight (yes it has been a while between supermarket shops). But instead of pulling your pants back on, getting in the car and driving all the way to the shop, you should take a closer look around your bathroom and kitchen first. Because unlike the Harpic ad where they try using peanut butter as leg wax and toothpaste as hair gel, there are some household items that can make suitable beauty products. Some may even do the job better and often at a quarter of the cost.

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Whitsundays Giveaway!


Mieux Derma is proud to offer one of our lucky fans a four night retreat to the Whitsunday islands, for two people, transfers, flights and accomodation paid, vivt us on facebook, like our page and upload your favourite holiday pic nto our wall to go into the draw to win!


8 Bad Skin Habits That Will Shock You


We don't know about you, but if we hear the same-old skin care tips one more time (you know -- wear sunscreen, have a derm check your moles once a year, exfoliate twice a week), we're going to scream.

We all know about these often-repeated good skin care habits we need to follow for a perfect, glowing complexion. And as beauty veterans, we're even familiar with the more obscure tips, like patting your moisturizer into your skin instead of rubbing it, or applying urine on your face to fight acne (which is so false BTW).

And even we were surprised -- no, shocked -- by these skin sins everyone commits, including us.

These eight habits not only mess up your skin, but some can even wreck your health. So here they are, the bad skin care habits you -- yes, you -- are committing on a daily basis. See 'em, learn 'em, and fix 'em -- A.S.A.P.

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