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What is LSA and why should I eat it?

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I have a lot of adoration for acronyms. I mean, I spend a lot of time watching AFL, and I occasionally slip into KFC when I’m not feeling too flash on a Sunday morning after a rather big night. But the latest abbreviation to shimmy its way into my life is this one: LSA.

Wait, LS what?

If you don’t know what LSA is, don’t stress. You’re about to find out exactly what it is, and why you should be adding this nutritional food to your diet today.

What is LSA?

LSA stands for linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds. A packet of LSA is a combination of these three pre-mixed seeds, which have been ground down to a fine or coarse form.

What are the health benefits of LSA?

Oh, there are many. LSA is a rich source of protein, which enables it to help keep your blood sugar levels balanced, while also curbing naughty sugar cravings. It contains a healthy does of omega-3 fats to help promote a healthy heart and brain function, and boosts bone and skin health thanks to its many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, E, D and B, calcium, zinc and magnesium. This mighty seed mix also plays a role in helping to cleanse and detox the liver, regulating cholesterol levels, and eliminating unwanted fat from the body. The fact its nutty flavour tastes delicious is just a bonus, really.

How much LSA should I consume daily?

Adding one to two tablespoons of this mix to meals or snacks daily is all it takes to reap the benefits LSA has to offer. Obviously, if a particular recipe calls for more, feel free to go nuts with your LSA mix.

How do I incorporate LSA into my diet?

It is extremely easy to add LSA to your daily meals, and its subtle nutty flavour is definitely tasty, but can go unnoticed, too. Try sprinkling a teaspoon or two onto your breakfast cereal, yoghurt or smoothie, or add it to any bread, cake, muffin or cookie recipe. It also goes surprisingly well with salads and fruits, but you can add it to anything that takes your fancy in order to boost your daily nutritional value.

How should I store LSA?

It’s best to store your LSA in an airtight container in the freezer after its original packaging has been opened. This helps ensure the healthy oils in the linseeds, sunflower seed and almond are maintained, as air and light can cause them to deteriorate. Doing so will also extend your LSA’s shelf life.

Where can I buy LSA?

You can purchase ready-made LSA from all good health food stores, and you’ll also find it in the health aisle of major supermarkets.

Have you heard of LSA? Do you currently eat it? Will you from now on? And did you know LSA had so many health benefits?

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